What Is SEO And What Are Some SEO Methods?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a method that is used to get free traffic from a search engine/engines. There are many SEO methods that a person can use. Continue to read on to find out what some of those methods are.

Link Building

This is an SEO technique that works well when it is done right. Link building is the process of having links on other sites and blogs that point back to one site. Different links on different sites may be considered of higher value, and those are the links website owners want.


Using the right keywords throughout a website is one of the most important and effective methods of SEO. Using the correct keywords that are relevant to the site's content can help skyrocket the site's ranking within the search engines. A website owner will want to research different keywords that relate to their website's content. They will want to use the keywords that are searched by a few hundred or few thousand people a month but are not highly competitive.

Once they have found a few keywords they want to use, they will want to sprinkle them around their website. This SEO method needs to be done the right way because if it is done the wrong way, then it can actually have a negative impact on their website's search engine ranking. Some search engines may even blacklist the website and this means that it will not show up in the search results.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another form of SEO as this method also helps build links. This method is the process of creating an article and then placing it on article directory sites. The website owner will want to place a link back to their website somewhere in their article. However the article should not be placed on just any old article directory. The article should only be placed on article directories that are considered of high value. This is because the articles will rank well within the search engines and more people will read the article, then they will proceed to click the link that leads to the website owner's site.  Over time this will also help the website receive a better position within the search engines.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular as an effective SEO method. This method is when a person will create a quality video around a topic that their website covers. A link to the website should be placed within the video, so this is also another form of link building. Once a person has created a quality video around a specific topic they will want they will want to place it on a few video sharing websites and social networking sites.

This will help the video rank well within search results as well as the website that is being optimized. The more popular a video becomes the more traffic will find its way to the video as well as the website, and this means a good rank in the search engines for the website and video. However the video should only be placed on the most popular video sharing websites as well as the most popular social networking websites.

Quality Content

Excellent content that offers readers value is probably the best form of SEO. Quality content that is free of grammar errors, between 400-700 words and has specific keywords a few times in each paragraph can really help a website get to the top pages of the engines. Almost every single company will say that they prefer high quality content on a site to sites with no so good content.

Always Choose A Professional

SEO is not easy to figure out, not when a person wants it done perfectly. This is why it is a good idea to hire a professional to do the job. A professional will be able to use the SEO methods described in this article as well as other methods. Always choose a professional when it comes to SEO.